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How to Make Bone Broth for Fasting and LCHF

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How to Make Bone Broth for Fasting and LCHF

11 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar

You are about to discover the 11 herbs and spices which will positively impact your blood sugar levels. These precious substances are packed with diabetes-fighting, blood sugar reducing bioactive compounds

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You may be new to using herbs, spices and food for their medicinal value, yet they are a fundamental component for good personal health. They are not to be overlooked. The #1 antidiabetic drug used to treat diabetes—metformin— actually has it’s origin from a biguanide compound isolated from French lilac. And it is these same naturally-potent sources which lay at the heart of my simple 60-second protocol to reverse diabetes. But more about that later... first, get the FREE PDF ebook on the 11 herbs and spices that can help reduce your blood sugar levels naturally.

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In this video we show you how to make bone broth, or optionally vegetable broth, which is incredibly healthy and nutrient dense.

Eat this during fasting periods to stop hunger pangs and increase compliance. It can also be taken to add depleted sodium when starting Fasting and/or LCHF. Or simply when sick or as a comfort on a cold day.

You can find the full recipe on our website!

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Video Source: Be A Loser – Lose weight and Reverse Type 2 without Exercise, Medication or Surgery using a Time Tested and Natural Method.




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