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Diabetes Frequently Asked and Question – Part 2

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Frequently Asked and Question – Part 2

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5. Injecting with an insulin pen
Before you inject, make sure there is enough insulin in the cartridge for your injection and check that the expiry date on the cartridge has not passed. Screw on the needle. Before each injection, make sure that your pen is giving insulin by dialing 1 or 2 units and, holding the pen upright, press the plunger: you should see a drop of insulin on the needle tip.
After the plunger is pushed in, leave the needle in the skin for at least 10 seconds. This will allow the last drops of insulin to be completely injected. After you have finished, remove the tip and put it in a needle disposing bin.

6. How do I inject?
If your nurse has asked you to inject using a skin fold, do so by taking a clean fold of skin between your thumb and index finger making sure that you only lift the skin and not the muscle beneath. Quickly push the needle straight into the skin fold as far as it will go and with your thumb on top of the plunger, smoothly inject all the insulin. You must continue to hold the skin fold throughout all the injection of the insulin. When finished, remove the needle slowly and only then, release the skin fold.

7. Where do I inject my insulin?
The best areas where to inject are:
– Stomach
– Upper arms
– Thighs
– Buttocks
Insulin is absorbed in different speeds depending on where you inject. So in order for your insulin to work the same way from one day to the next, always inject in the same area at the same time. Ask your specialist nurse which injection areas are best for you and write down the time of the day for each of them.

8. How and why do I rotate my injection sites?
It is important that you don’t keep injecting your insulin in the same place. Change sides using, for instance, your right thigh one day and your left thigh the following day and vice versa. Each time you inject in a site, make sure that you don’t inject in the same place as the last time. Move the location of the injection by about a fingers width from the place you used the previous time.
There are site rotation guides available to help you rotate your injections. Ask your nurse if you want to use them.
If you always inject in the same place and/or reuse your needles more than once, your sites may become red, sore and lumpy. This is what we call lipodystrophy or lipo. Lipos can develop anywhere on your body where you inject. Insulin injected into a lipo may not work properly and it may affect your level. This is why its very important to always rotate your injection sites and change your needle after each injection.

9. Will I always need insulin?
In your case, you have what is called . This means that your body completely stops making the insulin it needs to work properly and injecting insulin is the only way to replace what your body no longer makes. You may have heard about a person having diabetes and taking pills but it’s not same diabetes. That’s what we call .

10. What makes your blood sugar level rise and fall?
Looking after your diabetes isn’t just about insulin injections. You should eat regular meals and avoid too many sugary foods and sweet drinks. Doing regular exercise several times a week will also help you to balance your blood sugar level.
Controlling your diabetes is all about getting the balance right between insulin, , and exercise!
Imagine a submarine is your blood sugar level:
When you eat or drink, your blood sugar level rises.
When you inject insulin, your blood sugar level falls. If you exercise, your blood sugar level falls even faster.
This is why balancing the amount of insulin, food and exercise are so important. Your blood sugar level should not be allowed to go too high or too low. By doing regular blood sugar level tests, your insulin dose can be adjusted to keep your blood sugar level as healthy as possible.

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